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What to Expect When You Pick Your Dog up after Boarding

March 12, 2019

Although he's almost certainly enjoyed his own vacation, you are undoubtedly eager to get your precious pet home where he belongs after his stay in boarding in Block House Creek Animal Hospital, TX.

Nevertheless, you may find that the canine pal you bring home with you is a little different from the dog you dropped off. This is because it isn't unusual for pets to experience some behavioral changes in the first few days after they arrive back in their usual environment, particularly if this has been his first time in boarding.

To help you feel prepared for your pet's return home, here is what you should expect when you pick your dog up after boarding.

My Dog Is Hungrier than Usual, Did You Feed Him Enough?

Some dogs return home and act like they are completely ravenous for a few days. This of course then leads many owners to worry about whether or not their precious pet was fed while they were away. Of course, your dog will have been fed the food agreed with you before his stay and in the agreed quantities. However, since boarding is a new environment it is not unusual for a dog to feel a little anxious while they are there. Much like humans that are nervous, this sometimes leads to them eating a little less than is usual for them. The result is that when they go home, to the environment where they feel completely comfortable, they choose to over-eat a little to make up for it. You will almost certainly find that your dog's appetite settles down after a few days.

My Dog Is Very Lethargic and Sleeping a Lot, Is He Ok?

Any high-quality boarding facility in Cedar Park, TX will not leave your dog to entertain himself all day and only interact with him at mealtimes. Instead, it is their job to ensure that your pet gets the physical and mental stimulation he needs to remain healthy. As well as structured exercise such as walking and running, it also includes plenty of playtimes. In most instances, a dog that comes home from boarding and sleeps a lot has had a great, active and busy time and simply needs to relax and catch up on her sleep! On the flip side, if your pet had been left to his own devices all time, he may have developed unhealthy habits and behaviors through boredom.

My Dog Has Had Loose Bowel Movements since He Came Home Yesterday, Is He Sick?

When pets first come home from boarding they are normally very excited to be back in their usual environment, and your dog is no exception. One of the side effects of this excitement is a condition known as colitis. This is where the inner lining of his colon gets inflamed and he may experience loose bowel movements. However, this is normally temporary. Your dog's bowel movements should return to normal within a few days. If they don't, get in touch with your vet in Cedar Park, TX at Block House Creek Animal Hospital.

It is very unusual for a pet to come home from a reputable boarding facility unwell. Most adhere to extremely strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all animals. All boarding services also have stringent admission regulations and require dogs to be up to date with their preventative care before they are allowed to stay. This minimizes the risk to all animals, including your pet!

If you would like more information on what to expect when you pick your dog up after boarding, or if you have questions about our boarding services at Block House Creek Animal Hospital, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our vets in Cedar Park, TX and call (512) 259-4200 today.

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